The 4.5-gallon fuel tank actually extends down behind the side covers, a layout that maintains the slim design of the tank while offering greater tank volume for extended cruising range. Radial pump master cylinder also contributes to the superb control and feel offered by the calipers. The Z900RS ABS line is completed by a 948cc engine and modern technology for a classic yet modern ride. 22 Years ∙ 330 million Readers ∙ 1 Great Motorcycling Community. Bore & Stroke 73.4 x 56.0 mm The seat can be removed without tools, offering easy access to the battery, fuse box and tool kit. NINJA H2 CARBON. Alert me by text if a price drops or a special offer is available. Gear position indicator increases shifting precision and confidence. Nyní ale kromě nového designu nabízí technické inovace, které posouvají Z900 na vyšší úroveň. 2021 Z1000. Rake/Trail 25.0°/3.9 in. Mode 1 features highly-sophisticated programming that allows a degree of wheel slip to maximize acceleration. Complex analysis predicts when traction conditions are about to become unfavorable and the system acts before wheel slippage exceeds the range for optimal traction. Keine Einstellgebühr. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'totalmotorcycle_com-banner-1','ezslot_8',145,'0','0'])); • ICONIC TEARDROP TANK PAINTED IN TRADITIONAL TWO-TONE Z1 COLOR SCHEME See specs, photos and pricing on Motorcycles at Exactly what the new models are we can’t way, but we can confirm the covered will be pulled off the first batch of bikes on October 12 th at 15:00 CEST, with the second batch being revealed on November 23 rd at 15:00 CEST. Race weekends in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship are extraordinary events. The 2021 Kawasaki Z900 ABS naked motorcycle combines potent power from a 948cc engine, superb handling and aggressive Sugomi-inspired Z styling for a true supernaked experience. Pre-chamber helps centralize mass, reduces muffler size and contributes to the exhaust note. The design and feature list are identical to the pre-updated model. Three-piece front fender uses die-cast aluminium fender supports, adding a high-quality touch and enhancing the retro image. Using the rotational forces fo the clutch hub and pressure plate, the clutch is forced together during acceleration (assist function) so that fewer and lighter clutch springs can be used for a lighter feel at the lever. Raw Super-Naked. Sintered brake pads contribute to the superb feel. Buy New 2021 Model Kawasaki Z900 Motorcycle direct from main dealer in Japan, Import Kawasaki Z900 from Bike Exporter in Tokyo Wide, flat handlebar contributes to the retro styling while offering a wide grip to facilitate control. Front Brake Type Dual 300mm Discs with Opposed 4-Piston Calipers/ABS Compared to the Z900, a shorter first gear combined with the engine’s strong low-end torque facilitates moving off from a stop, while a longer sixth gear allows the engine to run a lower rpm when cruising at highway speeds for increased ride comfort. The shock has adjustable preload and rebound damping. The choice of a Power to the max, instinctive handling and traction control redefine the supernaked experience. © 2020 Autotrader, Inc. All Rights Reserved. A timer on Kawasaki U.S.A.’s website ticks down to Nov. 23 at 6 am PST for the big reveal. The system uses minimal hardware but complex software. Round mirrors are styled after those of the Z1, contributing to the retro looks while ensuring good rearward visibility. With a seamless blend of Z1-inspired styling elements and modern craftsmanship – from the iconic teardrop fuel tank to the innovative oval LED taillight – the Z900RS offers timeless good looks with an exquisite attention to detail and superb fit-and-finish. 2020 Z H2. KX 250. Extruded aluminum swingarm is lightweight and contributes to the light handling. Twin-tube rear frame section contributes to the low seat height and easy reach to the ground while minimizing vibration transferred though the seat. • KAWASAKI TRACTION CONTROL (KTRC) While the Z900 engine has a sharp, quick-revving nature that encourages high-rpm operation, the Z900RS was tuned for low-mid range power, delivering strong torque that facilitates control for riders of all skill levels. $11,299 . LCD screen features a negative display (white letters on a black background), adding to the instrument cluster’s sporty, modern appearance. That is, to be able to have one of these at home, it is necessary to pay a considerable amount. For 2021, the Z900RS ABS comes in a new Candytone Green paint scheme with an MSRP of $11,299. Compared to the Z900, the handle grips are 30mm wider (total), 65mm higher and 35mm closer to the rider, contributing to the more upright riding position. The seat is slimmer at the front, facilitating the rider’s reach to the ground. Kawasaki Protection Plus™ 12, 24, 36 or 48 months The process creates hollow areas to achieve idealized thickness for reduced weight without sacrificing strength. Both clutch and brake levers are 5-way adjustable, able to accommodate a variety of hand sizes for increased comfort. A wide 35-degree steering angle facilitates low-speed maneuvering. Front Suspension 41mm Inverted Fork with Adjustable Preload, Compression and Rebound Damping Sublime Super-Naked. Rear Brake Type Single 250mm Disc/ABS Gebrauchte und neue Kawasaki Z900 Motorräder auf 1000PS kaufen. Kawasaki Z900 2021. LED lights and a TFT display bring the newest tech. Strong and smooth response gives the engine a very manageable character. Knee grip covers, located forward of the side covers, are pressed aluminum pieces with a clear alumite coating for an attractive, long-lasting finish. away Chat Text . EURO 5 2021 Z900. Ignition TCBI with Digital Advance 10-way compression and 12-way rebound damping adjustment allows fine-tuning for rider preference and riding style. The tight schedule of the one-day format allows little time for test work and no room for error. ABS helps provide an added degree of reassuring braking performance. Kawasaki Z 900 - model 2021 - SKLADEM Popis: Z900 zůstává věrný svým silným stránkám a stále je tou nejlepší volbou pověr „výkon vs. cena“ na trhu. Stylish fuel tank cap complements the elegant lines of the tank. It combines the traditional Z1 styling and engine configuration with modern elements such as Kawasaki’s latest electronic rider support technology, suspension, LED lighting and digital instrumentation. Supercharge Your Journey. Convex lens and chromed headlamp ring add to the retro design. • INVERTED FORK AND HORIZONTAL BACK-LINK SUSPENSION "Mr. Totalmotorcycle". ... Kawasaki Dealer News; Deals and Offers; Kawasaki Experience. 2021 Kawasaki Z900 . Extensive sound research used to craft the ideal exhaust note that emphasizes the engine’s sound at initial start-up, during idle, and while riding a lower speeds where the rider is best able to enjoy the exhaust’s deep rumble. Kawasaki Traction Control System (KTRC)(KP) (2-MODE). These have been temporarily saved. Slim fuel tank is narrow at the rear, making it easy for riders to grip the bike with their knees. Seat Height 31.5/32.3 (CAFE) in. A teaser video and images show six models under cover, with clues hinting at dual sport models and sportbikes.UPDATE: The 2021 Z900RS ABS features a 948cc liquid-cooled, in-line four-cylinder engine, Assist & Slipper Clutch, horizontal back-link rear suspension, authentic retro styling, iconic teardrop fuel tank, tuned stainless steel exhaust system, round LED headlight, and bullet shaped analogue dials. As with other Kawasaki SE variants, the Z H2 SE features Showa’s Skyhook adaptive suspension. Kawasaki has added a new SE version of its Z H2 super-naked for 2021. The type of motorcycle you choose can make or break your riding experience. The new meter also offers additional features unavailable on the previous model. $8,999 . 2021 Kawasaki Z900 ABS Specifications, Model Information, and Photos Classics on Autotrader › Motorcycles on Autotrader › RVs on Autotrader › {{vehicle_count}} Saved Vehicles ... Find 2021 Kawasaki Z900 ABS for sale. For more information on how we collect and use this information, please review our. Manufacturer Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice on Total Motorcycle (TMW). Nyní ale kromě nového designu nabízí technické inovace, které posouvají Z900 na vyšší úroveň. New Standard Stock due Dec 20/Jan21 The 2020/21 Kawasaki Z900 gains a host of modern electronic features, including traction control, power modes and a beautiful TFT colour dash with bluetooth connectivity. 2021 Kawasaki Motorcycles Kawasaki emerged out of the ashes of the second World War to become one of the big players from Japan. The upper-triple clamp increases the steering offset by 6 mm (from 28mm to 34mm over the Z900), which reduces trail to help quicken the steering and contribute to light handling. The upper-triple clamp is 40mm higher, contributing to the higher handlebar position and a more upright riding position than the Z900. Earlier, Kawasaki started the localisation of body parts including brakes, tyres, headlights, etc. Transmission 6-Speed Side covers were designed to flow naturally from the tank. Exhaust system is formed from high-quality stainless steel and triple buffed to a lustrous shine. The 2021 Kawasaki Z900 BS6 finally arrives in showrooms and is about Rs. 2021 Kawasaki Z900 . Five-point, rigidly-mounted engine is a stressed member, which contributes to weight savings. Z900 è stata creata per dominare la strada !Nuove grafiche, power modes, riding modes, traction control e fari full LED. (Specifications subject to change without notice.) Kawasaki has long believed that Supernaked models should be more than supersport machines stripped of their full-fairing bodywork. A blend of retro and modern designs, the large-diameter LED headlamp casts a bright, white light for great night-time visibility. The 2021 Kawasaki KLX®110R off-road motorcycle is built around a playful 112cc four-stroke engine and lightweight chassis, the perfect platform for your youth rider. Iannone put […], Enjoying a positive start to the 2019 FIM Motocross World Championship, Thomas Kjer-Olsen has secured Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s best results at the season opening GP of Patagonia in Argentina, where the young Dane […], Munich. Rear Wheel Travel 5.5 in. After the 2014-2017 Z1000, the Z900 is the second model to benefit from “sound research” in crafting its intake note. Check out this New 2021 Pearl Blizzard White / Metallic Spark Black Kawasaki Z900 ABS available from Allsport Inc in Decatur, Alabama. Stylish two-tone seat uses different materials for the top and sides to create a high-quality design. Final Drive Sealed Chain Team SUZUKI ECSTAR’s Andrea Iannone put his GSX-RR onto the podium at today’s Aragon MotoGP™ in Spain with team-mate Alex Rins close behind in fourth position. Stepped seat offers a wide seating area for good ride comfort for both rider and passenger. Kawasaki confirmed it will launch six new 2021 models for North America, with an updated Ninja ZX-10R expected to be among them. Rider footpegs feature rubber pads to reduce vibration transmitted through the feet, as well as rubber-mounted weights on their undersides to further dampen vibrations. Introducing the new 2021 Kawasaki Z900RS… The Kawasaki Z900RS is an homage to the legendary Z1, the original hot-rod inline four cylinder motorcycle. Dual-Dial Instrumentation with Multi-Function LCD. The operator can also choose to turn the system off. Cam profiles with shorter intake (270˚ to 248˚) and exhaust (256˚ to 244˚) duration focus engine performance in the low-mid rpm range. Using Kawasaki’s advanced analysis technology, the trellis frame was designed to accommodate the slim teardrop fuel tank and offer the retro-style handling optimal for enjoyable riding at a more measured pace. Position lamps in the high-beam chambers ensure the whole lamp appears lit, like a retro-style bulb headlamp. Maximum Torque 72.3 lb.-ft @ 6,500 rpm 2021 Kawasaki Z900 ABS DOMINATE The Z spirit finds its latest expression in the Sugomi-styled Z900. Convenient luggage hooks on the tail cowl and rear flap were designed to protrude to help prevent tie-down cords from rubbing on the elegant bodywork. The supports are extremely thin, measuring only 1.7mm thick, to keep weight down. Compression Ratio 10.8:1 (KP) = See Kaw-Pedia section for more details. Analogue-style speedometer and tachometer dials are complemented by a multi-functional LCD screen, balancing retro-style looks with modern functionality. Shape of the airbox was designed based on acoustic tests. Emblems on the side covers contribute to the retro styling. Crankshaft with an approximately 12 percent heavier flywheel mass than the Z900 contributes to the Z900RS’s smooth character. • SMOOTH INLINE FOUR-CYLINDER ENGINE WITH TUNED EXHAUST NOTE Mode 2 has higher sensitivity and controls ignition timing, fuel and air for ultra-smooth operation. 29,000 more expensive than the BS4 version, while packing in new riding modes, electronic aids and no power drop over the BS4 model. The 2021 Kawasaki models will be unveiled on November 23, and Kawasaki has also released a teaser video showing off just a hint of the new bikes, but with different environments where these bikes are designed to be used in. The linkage is placed atop the swingarm for better mass centralization and to place the lay-down shock absorber further away from the exhaust so that its operation will not be affected by exhaust heat. Jetzt Kawasaki 900 z bei kaufen. That makes the virtual […], Copyright © 1999 - 2020 | Total Motorcycle ∙ 10 Billion Hits. Unlike standard LED taillights that appear as a collection of dots, the surface-emitting LED taillight lights up as a solid surface, creating a design that is both retro and modern. The pistons are formed using the same unique casting process that is used for making those found in the Ninja H2™/H2™R. From the top-quality paint on the fuel tank to the high-grade coating for the bolts, attention to the smallest detail, carefully considered wire routing, and a clean fit-and-finish contribute to the Z900RS’ high-quality appearance. For lovers of the model, the value of the Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021 has not yet been released, but it will be soon, using the parameters of 2019, the value of the Kawasaki Z900 RS 2021 is 8500 $ (without shipping). Displacement 948 cc Versys-X 300. Kawasaki’s ever popular Z naked range remains largely unchanged in 2021 beyond a few more colours to choose from on the model palette, meaning you can still get good value, stylish motoring with the Z900, Z650, Z400 and Z125.. Supporting over Motorcyclists and Motorcycling for 21 great years. Judder spring component helps prevent judder when the clutch is disengaged. Front Tire Size 120/70 ZR17 36mm throttle bodies are used for their ideal mid-range response. Team Suzuki Press Office – September 23. Stylish fins built into the cylinder head help create an image of an air-cooled engine to further invoke the original Z1 heritage. Introducing the new 2021 Kawasaki Z900RS…eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'totalmotorcycle_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_0',192,'0','0'])); The Kawasaki Z900RS is an homage to the legendary Z1, the original hot-rod inline four cylinder motorcycle. = Includes all necessary materials and fluids to operate correctly, full tank of fuel (more than 90% of capacity) and tool kit (if supplied). You are making a difference to millions of riders worldwide. Below 7,000 rpm the engine actually pulls stronger than the Z900. Vulcan S. BS6 New 2021 Vulcan S. KX 100. Warranty 12 months Connecting passageways between the cylinders help reduce pumping loss, improving high-rpm performance. Pro Caliber Motorsports - Vancouver Vancouver, WA - 187 mi. With a classic design combined with all the technology of today, the model promises aggressiveness and safety for the rider .